We Have NOTHING to Fear

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So maybe I struck a wrong tone.

I’m a man,¹ and men are problem solvers… When someone we really care about is upset or feeling low, our instinct is to find and fix whatever is causing their pain. By doing so, we focus on negativity, instead of lending them emotional support… even though, often, that’s all they are looking for.

So yeah, maybe I should have known better, than spreading doom and gloom… if only because our future is bright as far as we can see! Assuming, of course, we won’t unload a clip in the foot, which we’ve been doing, without fail, every time when the future is bright. Right?..

Right. But only technically!

See, I’m not your “data scientist” — past performance dissuades me no more than the opinion of the rest of 8 billion people! And I know that our future is bright because we have no reason to do the foot thing. And by “we” I mean my, you, and everyone else… including a certain entity, which we would love to name, but we won’t.

So without further ado,


Maybe let’s start by answering “What is money, anyway?” It even touches on crypto a bit, but, otherwise, it’s “nice to know” stuff. On the other hand, I’m still waiting for my Nobel Prize, and I don’t understand ’cause the clock is ticking… anyways, here it is:

Now that we know that money can be quite valuable and the more we have the better, the obvious question is how we can have more? And how much more?


This too is an old piece, but even 2 years ago my back-of-the-napkin figures suggested that we can afford 2,000/month Unconditional Basic Income. For starters, with that figure quickly growing into 3k to 4k range as the economy, nearly choked to death, catches a breath for the first time in nearly fifty years.

* “unconditional” means that everyone gets it, regardless of income or employment status, more details in the article

Climate emergency / Resource depletion

For starters, we don’t have one, at least not in the form of runaway global warming. In fact, we can plunge the planet into an Ice Age at the cost of a few F-35 jets.

That still leaves the issue of high CO₂ levels in the atmosphere, but we already have an industrial solution for that as well — we can literally make gasoline out of the air. It will be a few times more expensive than fossil fuels, but since we only spend 5% of our total income on gas, it would cost 10–20% of our income to become carbon negative. As a bonus, we keep driving gas-powered vehicles — ’cause, honestly, f*** that electric crap!

Oh, and did I mention that synthetic gas burns clean too? No smog, and no need for catalytic converters either.

OK, but what about other natural resources we mine? Or farm-land and agriculture pollution?

Well, if you look at simple physics, the only expendable resource is energy. Everything else is recyclable (even gasoline, as described above). Farmland doesn't have to take actual land — we can have it many stories high, or many stories underground (that means artificial lights, of course, so, again generating more electricity is the only real problem — nuclear fusion, anyone?..)

Pesti- and herbicides we should have stopped using a long time ago, employing robots, instead, to mechanically remove any invasive species — we didn’t because, amazingly, we’d rather have human beings toiling in the fields for food and shelter. Which brings us too …

Human development

I might have started with this, because our failure, as individuals, to fully develop our human potential, our cognitive capacity, is the reason why we’re still missing all the stuff above. It is the reason why we have wars, oppression, power hierarchies… why we do evil.

It is the reason we don’t realize that we must love our enemies at least as much as we love ourselves.²

It is the reason why our lives are full of suffering because, otherwise, there is no rational explanation for why we must suffer at all — individually or as species.

So, how do we end human suffering? — we go back to school, to learn the stuff everyone should have learned before they are old enough for high school. Stuff we should be teaching our kids. A few key facts about ourselves, our human nature, our lives, and the world around us — so, in the end, we know what we are doing, and can tell right from wrong and good from evil.

But most importantly, we should learn to think, because, unfortunately, no one can be told what the truth is. We can only “see” it for our Self.

¹ and a Russian-Vulcan hybrid at that

² because — duh! — our worst enemy is ourselves!




a billion years till the end of the world

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a billion years till the end of the world

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